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Timber or Composite…Which is best?

There is no right or wrong answer when choosing your decking. Ultimately it will come down to your own personal choice but here are some things to consider when deciding which option is best for you.

  1. Maintenance – Timber decking will require more maintenance than composite. To keep it looking it’s best, timber decking will need to be cleaned, treated and stained regularly to maintain it. Composite would only require regular cleaning but it does have a shorter lifetime than timber.
  2. Cost – Traditional timber decking is much less expensive than composite decking but you should also take into account the cost of maintaining it over the years.
  3. Strength – Composite decking is known to lack the strength that timber decking does. To counteract this, joists should be placed closer together in order to reinforce the strength of composite decking.
  4. Aesthetics – Both timber and composite decking are attractive and look good in any outdoor space. Composite decking comes in a range of colours which is a huge advantage for many who want to avoid the upkeep of timber. Timber will vary in colour and have visible knots throughout as it is a natural product.
  5. Safety – Composite decking is known to be less slippery when wet. Timber decking can splinter if it is not properly maintained while composite decking can scratch.

We have been fitting decking for many years now, we are highly experienced and would love to talk to you about what option will work best for you.